A manufacturer of articles for home and garden. The company specializes in selling high-quality garden grills and fireplaces that are shipped to various countries around the world. The products are also delivered to the largest DIY stores and shopping centers. Cook King Wargo’s mission is to give you the joy of cooking outdoors.


We wanted to create an online store that would fully satisfy both domestic and foreign business customers. Our priority was to create a transparent website that is easy to manage and will ensure efficient order handling.


Based on the PrestaShop system, we have created a functional online store tailored to the needs of foreign customers. The administrator can assign users to specific languages and currencies. The store is also fully integrated with the Baselinker and Subiekt systems.



Creating an online store for B2B customers required us to conduct a detailed interview. During the conversation, we collected information related to expectations, but also concerns about the sales platform. We analyzed the possibilities of using certain functions that could facilitate purchases by foreign customers.

Low fidelity mockup

After collecting all the conclusions, we started to develop a low fidelity model. The designed website was supposed to be transparent above all. We proposed a simple layout, detailing the categories.

High fidelity mockup

We enriched the mock-up with graphic elements that were to create a coherent whole. We wanted to create a readable and functional website.


The website has been checked by us for correct operation. We made sure that the entire ordering process as well as moving through the product pages are error-free.


We have created an online store that is intuitive and functional. Integrations with the Baselinker and Subiekt systems enable efficient management and service of orders that are to be delivered to various parts of the world. Customers are assigned to groups that define their language and currency. The store meets the specific needs of a B2B customer, and at the same time is easy to use for the administrator.