B2B wholesale platform in the form of a catalog for customers who are not tagged

Users who are not logged in can also view specific products selected for them.
However, they are not able to place an order or check prices.

New customer registration

After registration by a new user, the administrator confirms the account and assigns the customer to a specific group that differ in the amount of rebates or a given currency.

Individual discount thresholds and prices

It is possible to adjust the rebate thresholds and prices to specific customer groups.
Modifications can be carried out at the level of the B2B wholesale platform.

Term payments in the B2B platform

The payment date is displayed while placing the order. It is in line with the arrangements made in the financial program.

Stock levels and availability date

The customer can see the number of available products, as well as check the availability date of the goods.

Credit limits and balance in the B2B platform

The administrator has access to the configuration of credit options for individual accounts. The customer has the option to place an order based on a credit limit. In addition, after obtaining approval, it may also exceed a certain sum of the limit.

List of orders and invoices

At any time, the customer can view the list of his orders and invoices, where, among others, payment dates or settlement statuses are listed. Documents are available for download in PDF format.

Contact details for the trader

The platform enables easy contact with the salesperson via phone, e-mail or chat.


The system provides all the tools that are necessary to create an offer tailored to the needs of a specific customer.


You can log in to the customer’s account and place an order on his behalf.