A system that will work for B2B sales must have appropriate functionalities that meet the needs of this particular group of buyers. PrestaShop offers solutions tailored to the business client.

How to meet customer expectations

First of all, it should be remembered that a B2B customer has different needs than an individual buyer. Individual customers usually buy individual products and often make decisions based on emotions. In the case of a business customer, orders usually concern a large amount of goods, and purchasing issues are often dealt with by a staff of people.

The specific nature of B2B sales requires the use of appropriate solutions. The system, which is to serve this type of customers, must have functionalities that will make purchasing wholesale quantities of products easy, intuitive and quick. Business customers also expect that with time they will be charged more and more discounts, and the offer they see on the website will be ideally suited to their individual needs.

PrestaShop as a B2B platform

An online store that is to serve a business customer must first of all be efficient and convenient – both for you and your customers. With a large number of products ordered, it is important to minimize the risk of any errors. The B2B platform should be adapted to more complex requirements than in the case of B2C sales.

Are you wondering if PrestaShop will work as a B2B platform? It is definitely worth considering such a solution. PrestaShop offers a number of functionalities that allow you to efficiently manage an online store and facilitate shopping for business

Possibilities of integration with wholesalers, courier companies, sales services and other programs make the order fulfillment process smooth, and most of the activities are performed automatically. Thanks to this, you can focus on actual customer
service and marketing activities. In the case of B2B sales, PrestaShop offers additional functions that are tailored to the specific requirements of business customers.

Customer verification

One of them is user verification. The business client mainly expects that he will be offered a tailor-made offer, i.e. tailored to the needs of his company. For this, PrestaShop allows you to authorize buyers. Business customers must first create an
account to be able to access the offer. The most important information about the company is required, as well as personal data. After completing the registration, the user must be approved by the customer service office. This means that only logged in people have access to the products, so you can be sure that the platform will fulfill its role in 100%, and therefore it will be used only for B2B sales.

Rebate thresholds

Customers can be assigned to various discount groups. In practice, this means that a user who spent, for example, PLN 1,000 on goods, will receive a 1% discount, and in the case of PLN 2,000 it will be, for example, 2%. The determination of specific rates and discounts depends only on the store administrator. For business customers, receiving reasonable discounts is extremely important due to the large number of products ordered, and thus – incurring high expenses.

It’s basically a necessity if you want to establish a long-term cooperation.

Individual price lists

PrestaShop allows the admin to assign a user to a specific customer group. Individual price lists can be created for each of them. This means that different buyers will see a different offer that is specially tailored to them. Each company has
different priorities, but preparing an individual offer for each of them may turn out to be extremely difficult when we have many contractors. Creating several groups, such as “supermarkets”, “small shops” or “wholesalers” for example, is a great way to save time, allowing you to focus on real customer service.

Details of the order

After logging in to the account, the customer can edit information related to the company, as well as add addresses to which the ordered products would be sent. He can use these addresses when finalizing the process. The user also has access to
the details of all orders placed from the moment the account is created. At the same time, it can monitor the status of new orders that are still in progress. What’s more, the customer has access to all receipts on his account, and also sees the coupons granted, thanks to which he can receive additional discounts on subsequent orders. Quick access to the entire history of orders and details of payments made is extremely important for business customers.

Efficient ordering

Additional PrestaShop modules enable the execution of bulk orders, which is particularly convenient for a business customer. The user only needs to enter Product Reference Numbers (SKUs) in the specified boxes. Thanks to this solution, customers are able to order a large number of items very quickly. Moreover, at the level of the search engine, the user has the option to add specific products to the basket.


With the help of PrestaShop modules, the work of B2B customers who often order the same goods can be made much easier. On his account, the customer gets access to the “regular buys” tab, where he will see the most frequently ordered
products. Additionally, items can be sorted depending on the frequency of purchase. Thanks to this solution, your customers will be able to fulfill orders much faster. 

Also for the needs of our clients, we used the PrestaShop engine to create a B2B platform. Such a solution certainly allows for efficient and easy service to demanding business customers.